SPM ( Special Purpose Machine ) Press Machines, Pneumatic Cylinders, Hydraulic Cylinders

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Industrial Hydraulic System Products, SPM ( Special Purpose Machine ) Press Machines, Heavy Duty Hydraulic Press, Hydraulic Cylinders, Clevis Mounting Cylinders, Flange Mounted Hydraulic Cylinders, Pneumatic Cylinders, Valves Body Machines, Pressure Manifold, Lock Key Support, Locking Pins, Brass Bush, Rings and Blocks, M16 Lock Bolt, Aluminium Parts, Plastic Injection Moulds, Rubber Mould, Mandrill for Rubber Moulds. Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer

We are manufacturers of Hydraulic Cylinders mainly used for Special Purpose Machines as well as Material Handling Equipments, Scissor Lift, Hydraulic SPM.
We are manufacturers as per the Customer's requirement to give them the best solution to their needs. Highly experienced peoples are involved in the process.

Hydraulic Cylinders are widely used in Industrial Sector in mostly Heavy Duty High Performance Machines to give direct force through unidirectional stroke.

We are one of the Leading manufacturers of HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS from last 15 Years. We design High Quality Material and most advanced technology under the guidance of our skilled persons. Machines are highly durables and cost effective, Superior Quality for performance and durability. Mainly used in Heavy Lifting Equipment, Construction Machinery, Construction Equipments, Pressed Machines, Agriculture Equipment & many more Hydraulic Cylinders.

Hydraulic Cylinders are the driving force behind various Industrial Operations. Hydraulic Cylinders helps to reduce energy consumption not just speed but also to speed up the production and minimize manufacturing cost. High performance provides highest quality product to our clients. Hydraulic Cylinders strictly check by our Quality Assurance Department.

It prevents the mistake and defect .

SPM Press Machine

Used for various applications like bearing pressing, pipe / Channel bending, job straightening, Rubber Cutting Etc.

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic press is a machine press that generates compressive force through the use of a hydraulic cylinder. For various purpose like cutting metal bars, bending/cutting of metal sheet

Hydraulic Cylinders

Centre Flange Mounted single acting hydraulic cylinder.

Clevis mounting cylinder (both side)

Dimensions- 100mm bore x 50mm piston rod X 400mm Stroke (Will manufactured as per requirement of customer)

Clevis mounting cylinder (both side)

Dimensions- 120mm box 90 mm piston rod X 300mm Stroke (Will manufactured as per requirement of customer)

Flange Mounted Hydraulic Cylinder

Flange Mounted Hydraulic Cylinder with Eye Bolt
200mm stroke X Ø45 piston rod x 80mm bore (Will manufactured as per requirement of customer)

Pneumatic cylinder

Single acting spring return Pneumatic cylinder Ø100 mm box Ø30 mm pistonrod x 60 mm stroke

Hydraulic cylinders

Dimensions- 100mm bore x 50mm piston rod X 400mm Stroke

Pressure Manifold

Pressure Manifold For Oil Flow Control

Pressure Manifold

Pressure Manifold For Oil Flow Control

Valve body machine

Valve body machined from solid forged Block 280x280x280 mm.

Pressure Manifold

with maximum accuracy of 0.01-0.02 mm

Pressure Manifold

M150x2 With Thread gauge Go-nogo OK

Pressure Manifold

With Angular Accuracy within 5’-10’

Pressure Manifold

With ID Accuracy within 5-8 micron

Pressure Manifold

Accuracy Dimensions For ID 25+0.02 & hole size 10+0.015’

Brass Bush

Brass Bush With 0.003 mm Accuracy With S